Cheese Omelette

Recipe ID : 45698  Release date : 2016-04-15

I added cheese for pizza in thick egg -*

This is translation of a recipe posted by Japan.

Ingredients(4 serving)

4 bowls
Japanese mustard spinach
5 fingers
5 tbsp
Chicken stock cube
2 tbsp
Butter (For Fried Rice)
20 g
Salt (For Fried Rice)
1 tsp
Pepper (For Fried Rice)
3 shakes
4 (1/1 per. X 4 per.)
*Cheeze for Pizza
40 g (10 g X 4 per.)
4 tbsp (1 tbsp / 1 per. X 4 per.)
*Salt (For Fried egg)
1 tsp ( 1/4 / 1 per. X 4 per.)
Butter (For Fried egg)
40 g (10 g / 4 per.)
Cabbage (For Salad)
For taste
Corn (For Salad)


Boil Japanese mustard spinach in pan or heat it in a microwave oven, and cut into 1cm slice.
Cut Wieners into 1cm slice.
Heat butter in pan, then add Japanese mustard spinach and wieners then saute them.
Add rice and stir well, then ketchup, chicken stock cube, salt and pepper to taste.
Make fried egg per 1 person (4 times).
Add and stir egg, cheese, milk, salt and pepper with * per 1 person in ingredients.
To finish with butter in a small amount, use the front half of the pan.
Heat the pan over high heat then put butter in the front half of the pan.
Add and soft boil egg, then stop heating.
Slide egg using with flipper onto the omelette.
Or turned the pan upside down then put onto the omelette.
To serve with salad then add ketchup onto the omlette.

Tweet Note

・Egg looks smaller but it's enough to finish it thicked.
・When you serve rice to plate, it's ok to make it slender if you don't have the omlettet mold.
I made this recipe with wieners cause I didn't have chicken.
I am so sorry some part of photos are cut off. (I am not sure why?)
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