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Radish pork stew
Radish with rich vitamin C and zinc boost immune system, improve digestion and also increase appetite. Fatty mouth feel of pork can be balanced by cooking with radish.


Steamed Spare Ribs with Fermented Black Soybeans
Steaming is better than frying, if you want to be more healthy.


Cheese Omelette
I added cheese for pizza in thick egg -*


Japanese Style! Matcha Panna Cotta
Macha and Azuki bean paste make a superb combination! Please try to make it.


Fry whelks with leeks
This fresh dish with rich vitamin A, protein, iron and calcium, is very good for kidney.


Shrimp’s and mushroom’s ajijo (^^)
It goes with beer well.(*^_^*)

yaiko asada

Simple Tonjiru(^^)
I use the ready-made kenchin-jiru mix soup for this recipe, so it is easy for busy business men and women to make "Simple Tonjiru".

yaiko asada

Sichuan Twice cooked pork
Sichuan Twice cooked pork is just so tasty that it’s a dish goes well with beer.

Happy Christmas! Exciting Salad Wreath
How about making an easy, fashionable salad for your Christmas party?


Apple and pumpkin cake
You can make a fluffy cake, and not too sweet! Would you like to eat in afternoon teatime?


Egg and Tomato fry
Tomato with egg have the highest nutritive value.

Red Pepper and Bean Sprout fry
Red pepper and bean sprout are fresh mouthfeel. You will never be tired of it.

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